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Mar 28, 2011 5:00am EDT
the nuclear crisis in japan is worse than first thought. >> radioactivity sea water from the fukushima nuclear power plant traveled farther than expected. they're also faced with storing the water that became contaminated while they were using it to keep the radioactive material cool. the water has to be removed before crews can continue working to cool the power plant. scientists in massachusetts say they have found radiation in the rainwater from japan's nuclear plant, but they say it poses no health threat there. county police are investigating a murder that happened while you slept. shots rang out after 3:00 this morning on central avenue near richie road. that's where police found the unidentified man suffering from a gunshot wound. at this point police are looking for a suspect and a motive. >>> standardized test scores at the district's noyes school, sored under michelle rhee. >> usa today report is raising questions about the validity of those results. our reporter joins us from the school in northeast. lindsay has more this morning. >> reporter: good morning, mike. usa today investiga
Mar 30, 2011 5:00am EDT
outside of japan's crippled nuclear power plant contain 3,000 times the usual amount of radioactive iodine. that's the highest rate detected since an earthquake and tsunami pummeled the region three weeks ago. the president of the if you fukushima plant has been hospitalized for stress. he's been working virtually nonstop since the crisis began. >> the acting chancellor for d.c. public schools released more information about investigations into standardized test scores. >> this after a "usa today" report questioning the legitimacy of high standardized test scores. >> that report showed so many wrong answers were erased and changed to the right ones on the standardized tests it was almost impossible for the changes to be legitimate. 9news now reporter lindsey mastis joins us at one of the schools in question in this report. >> reporter: i'm at noyes educational center. this is one of the schools that "usa today" focused on in their report saying that there was a high number of erasers here, that a lot of the answers were change from wrong to right. now, the school's acting school chancellor
Mar 22, 2011 5:00am EDT
into the impact of japan's problems. some examples, tiffany has cut its first quarter earnings forecast as it deals with some store closings and limited hours in japan. of all of tiffany stores worldwide, almost a quarter of them are in japan. and honda is extending its suspension of car and motorcycle production until sun amid a parts shortage. toyota is hoping to get things rolling on saturday. obviously dealing with power problems in addition to all of the other problems in japan. >> you've talked about the global domino effect how a parts plant in louisiana is being closed because of this and others are affected as well. >> absolutely. >> what do you have for us in the next half hour? >> we're starting to sound like a broken record. airfares going up again. we'll talk about which airlines are doing it and whether or not it is going to stick. >> and wondering what their excuse is this time. >> thanks, jess. >> thank you, jessica. >> i fly regularly. >> 9news now is giving. >> chance to win an ipad 2. >> go to our facebook page. hit the like button and enter our great tablet give aw
Mar 23, 2011 5:00am EDT
? of course, that's obviously. still though, investors have significant concerns about japan, libya and oil prices. but at least the dow is still holding above 12,000. checking the numbers, the dow standing at 12,018 this morning. it dropped about 18 points in trading. nasdaq dropped by 8 points and the s&p 500 was off by 4. just like all of us drivers, the major airlines are struggling with high fuel prices nowadays. add to that now a drop in demand for flights to japan. these are very lucrative routes and a gateway for travel to asia. some airlines are answering back by raising fares and eliminating unprofitable flights. delta, for example, reducing flights to japan by up to 20% through may. now, that's expected to cost delta as much as $400 million in lost profits. >>> it is going to take awhile longer for the prius hybrid minivan to hit the road. it is delaying the launch due to parts supplies. it had planned to roll out the prius minivan in april. toyota has halted production since march 14th and it hopes to get the lines rolling on sunday. already, there is a production loss of 140,00
Mar 24, 2011 5:00am EDT
to prevent a nuclear meltdown at japan's crippled plant are being treated for radiation exposure. >> officials say the workers were exposed while they were laying electrical cables at the number three unit of the fukushima plant. about two dozen people have been injured since the plant began leaking radiation. after the tsunami and earthquake damage on march 11th. >>> israeli air strikes have hit hamas training facilities and some smuggling tunnels beneath the gaza egypt border. four members of a palestinian family died in the air strike. the shelling came hours after a bomb struck a crowded bus stop in central jerusalem killing one woman and wounding more than 20 others. israel threatened harsh retaliation for the bombing which is the first in jerusalem in several years. >> disturbing details out of reagan national airport where air safety officials say two commercial jetliners landed without clearance just after midnight wednesday morning. sources telling "the associated press," the scare happened after an air-traffic controller dozed off in the control tower. we have audio fro
Mar 29, 2011 5:00am EDT
.c. and in return, washington gave japan dogwood trees. well, if you want one, what they're doing this year, in addition to coming down and seeing them for the festival, you can get your own tree. this year, they partnered with the arbor day foundation and you can actually pay for a tree and some of the money does go to the festival. there is a lot going on, especially this weekend on saturday, there are supposed to be fireworks. on sunday, of course, the cherry blossom race which is ten miles. one other thing you want to do is -- if you're from the washington area, you know that it is crazy down here. if you want to avoid the crowds, just go to our metro mix web site, that's our web site where we can tell you everything you need to know about the cherry blossoms and where to go to get the best foods that have cherries in them but where to go if you want to see the trees but you don't want to get stuck in the crowds. there's lots to do. they're beautiful. gorgeous! i have to say if you do want to avoid the crowds and want to see them on the tidal basin, this is great. come on
Mar 31, 2011 5:00am EDT
for another your money report. supply shortages in japan combined with worldwide demand could make it harder to get apple's popular iphone and ipad. employee absences, logistical disruptions and delivery difficulties have also impacted production. now, analysts say apple has about two months of inventory for key components used to manufacture the devices. >>> airlines are doing a better job of arriving and departing on time but new data shows they're losing your baggage at record levels. world reid, nearly 30 million bags did not arrive on the same flight as their owners last year. that's a 6% jump from 2009. watch the clock when you check a bag on spirit airlines. if you don't, it is going to cost you! spirit just added new fees if you check your carry on bags within 24 hours before takeoff. the fee goes up $5 if you pay online. $10 if you try to do it over the phone. flyers are already paying $30 for a carry-on that won't fit under the seat. but you've got a special one. >> i've got one that fits under the seat. they're nickel and diming us. >> that's another your money segment. >> exactly
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7